ΙIt all began in Naples, Italy, where we established our roasting house in 1996.Many years have passed since then but the brand and the company values, represented by Nicola Pascale, still remains the same: passion, tradition, and culture focused on creating the best espresso Italiano.

For many years our roasting house has been selecting and processing coffee in keeping with the Italian tradition; thanks to Mr. Nicola Pascale and a team of highly skilled professionals who are fully engaged in the whole process from selecting green beans, roasting, to serving the finest cup of Italian coffee.

The company currently produces five brands, including Levucci Café, with a roasting capacity equivalent to more than 600,000 cups of coffee in one work shift.

The espresso coffee is a symbolic drink of the Italian lifestyle. In Italy, coffee is an art and culture and it’s also a representative of the Italian famous taste and refinement to the rest of the world.

Levucci Café is the live example of the Italian ability to give a style and elegance to a simple gesture, such as drinking a cup of coffee. From that awareness of the cultural relevance of the diffusion of the Italian espresso coffee is born our project: the Levucci Café shops chain.


Levucci Café taste and flavor can be perceived also from a range of elegant products created for coffee shops. Blackboards, signs, posters, clothing, etc., communicate exclusivity and tradition.

Levucci Café brand is the real espresso from Italy and its colors and graphics recall into end customers perception the best-roasted coffee and Italian elegance.


The “Levucci Café” logotype is an essential asset of our company as it represents our brand globally to our customers, contributors and consultants. It has been carefully crafted to represent our values and philosophy and especially for taking into account the character of the brand and the functionality. The outcome are two bold lions surrounding a shield, the contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional Italian iconography and an elegant reference to some of the most famous decorative elements present in the symbol-squares of


Italian Taste

Coffee is the heart and soul balm.
- G. Verdi


We should start every morning drinking a real Italian coffee, the good, intense and fragrant, and enjoying a good warm pastry.
This central idea is the true hallmark of Levucci Café.
Quality, service and a happy customer are very important to us, that’s why we follow the production in any phases, from plant to cup.
Our knowledge comes directly from Bel Paese and the preparation of mixtures emphasizes all the aromas of beans.

Network Introduction

A unique proposal for investors that are looking for a real luxury concept.

Levucci Café is a new generation brand with a solid and well-structured reality behind.

Our network will help you giving visibility and the right support in the management and development of your business.

The contemporary elegance of our corner and our products include a wide customer base and stand out on the market.

Reliability, efficiency, and quality are our strengths.

Italian coffee, synonymous with excellence around the world, combined with great attention to detail and a carefully designed brand, they are the basis of Levucci Café.


Levucci Design is a concept deeply tied to Italy. From furniture to food it’s a value recognized all over the world.

Levucci Café completely reflects an elegant, polished and contemporary style, the coffee and everything around are the centers of the concept.

Our corners are perfect both for a quick coffee or to sit and enjoy in good company a cappuccino and a pastry.

Thanks to the intimate and comfortable environment Levucci Café is an ideal place for customer and staff.

Our customers don’t go to a Levucci Café just for an excellent cup of coffee. Indeed, it is a welcoming place, offering a pleasant start to your day, where you can meet up and take a break while enjoying the enveloping aroma of the various blends available for tasting. Many of these blends can be purchased, offering another intense pleasure, that of fresh grinding, releasing all the fragrant aroma and revealing the flavors of the finest coffees in the world. A world of values, of culture and social relations that we dedicate to the most sophisticated connoisseurs of coffee. A comfortable and friendly environment, created with natural materials and warm, vibrant colors.


Levucci Café specialized in brand development and interior design, offer a format that encapsulates all this in/with different solutions. These sample images help to demonstrate how we can offer solutions to fit any size of the venue.

These are just some examples of projects that we will be glad to assess on an individual basis with the client.

Levucci Café experience in coffee making and training within the Cafeteria business and expertise in interior design will be provided for opening unforgettable locations with a purely Italian flavor.

Indoor Kiosk Unit

- 12/20 SQM
- Take away
- Low investment
- Staff: 1/2 baristas

Outdoor Kiosk Unit

- 12/20 SQM
- Take away
- Low investment
- Staff: 1/2 baristas

Coffee Shop Unit

- From 100 to 200 sqm
- Fast preparation/kitchen, complete menu
- Medium/high investment
- High turnover
- Staff 9/12 in turn: 1 store manager, 2/3 baristas, 2/3 kitchen staff, waiters

Drive Thru Unit

- 12 SQM
- Take away
- Medium investment
- Staff: 1/2 baristas